Amateur sex story: Best Present on Birthday

LOL, I would like even one of girls, which I had, presents to me her sexy best friend…. Naked and hot, damn, guys, probably I am not the one who want to fuck the best girlfriend of my girlfriend or wife…. Certainly if this girlfriend is sexy ;)

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From upstairs, I hear the front door creak open then bang shut. My husband must be home. Excitedly I jump out of bed and stick my head around the bedroom door.
“Kev, come up here a minute would you love?” I shout down over the banister, catching the faint smell of my husbands musky aftershave combined with the smell of a fresh summers day.
I hear his footfall upon the first stair and hasten back into the bedroom, closing the door behind me. Leaping back onto the bed I rearrange myself for the maximum visual impact. I sit holding my breath in anticipation, my heart pounding and every nerve in me tingling with excitement.
Suddenly the door opens and in strides my husband, I see he’s about to say something when his jaw goes slack, his eyes widen and he stops, dead in his tracks.
“Happy Birthday Kev!” I shout as he walks in through the door, “This is your special birthday treat. I arranged it all for you.”

Kev continues to stare at me on the bed, and his eyes dart to my best friend Kate who is lying beside me. Our bodies are so close together, moulded against each other. My hand is resting upon her pert bosom and her arm is slung round my shoulders holding me close. Her thin body is in complete contrast to my voluptuous one. Her straight long black hair contrasting against my shorter curly brown locks, her bright blue eyes filled with lust and amusement twinkle as she glances towards my husband and then back at my face, seeing a similar twinkle in my own dark green eyes. We smile at each other and I extricate myself from Kate’s sensuous grasp.
I stand up and take him by the arm and guide him over to a plain wooden chair placed at the end of the bed.
“You sit there my love and rest a while; you can join in once the shocks worn off.”
My heart is pounding, this is more fun than I anticipated, the feeling of power and sexual tension is overwhelming.
I walk back to the bed smiling at Kate, looking down over her long sensuous curvy body, her skin pale and inviting, and her smile full of lust and excitement.
“We we’re warming up before you arrived,” I call over my shoulder as I crawl back onto the bed, sliding up close to Kate “we’ll just carry on from where we left off then.”
I let my arm wrap around her slender frame, pulling her close, letting my lips find hers, feeling her running her fingers up and down my spine as we squeeze together in a passionate embrace, our tongues entwined, our breasts rubbing against each other, our breath coming out heavy and strained as we kiss and allow our hands to roam over each others bodies.
Kate’s gentle fingers stroking my skin make me tingle and slowly I move my lips down to kiss and nibble her neck, she follows suit, making me groan loudly and gently rake my nails down her back. All the while I am aware of Kev’s eyes upon me, my skin taut under his stare, all my sense alive. I feel so sexual. My whole body is full of sexual energy.
I play the aggressor and move my mouth down to Kate’s breast sucking and licking her nipple, her body arching back and a low growl emitting from her mouth. my tongue slides down over her belly licking and teasing at her belly button. My mouth travels further as Kate reclines back and I ease myself between her legs, I look back over my shoulder and give Kev a smouldering look, his eyes are wide and I can hear his breathing.
I can see he is excited and this makes me hornier than I already was, if that can be possible. I turn round and gaze down upon my friend, her chest is heaving, her hands clenched beside her, her nipples straining and her hot pussy is glistening with juice. I lick my lips and slowly descend between her legs, tentatively lapping at her juices, running my tongue along her lips. I hear a muffled groan and see her open up to me, I gently lap at the centre of her. she tastes sweet and musky, my tongue probing gently at first then harder as I hear the moans of appreciation getting louder, my tongue presses inside her and I feel her cunt tighten around me, a singularly erotic experience.
I can feel the heat of Kev’s gaze on my raised up butt and I grin inwardly as I think of how hot this must be getting him, then I hear Kate speak:
“Mmmmmm Your wife has a wonderful tongue Kev; you’re a lucky man.”
I listen in shock, I thought Kate was kind of shy, I had to really work hard to get her to do this in the first place. She must be loosening up! I keep lapping and kissing and tongue fucking her while I listen to her mumbled remarks.
“You like watching this don’t you? Watching your wife’s ass wiggle as she devours my hot wet cunt.”
I didn’t hear a reply. Kev must have just nodded.
“Come on then big boy, come and join in. Get that cock out for me. That’s it. Get out of those clothes.”
I can hear Kev’s Zip going down, I can hear him panting in excitement.
“mmmmmm yes that’s it get naked for me, oooh you have such a gorgeous cock and its so hard. Come on, put it in your wife’s pussy, fuck her hard as she eats me out, she deserves some fun too, fuck her hard and make her cum, Kev!”
I felt my husband’s hot hard cock find my cunt hole and as hard as he can he slams himself into me, making me cry out into Kate’s cunt.
“Oh she likes that Kev, yeah give it to her hard!”
The feeling of Kev hammering into my hot wet cunt combined with the sweet sensual smell and taste of Kate open pussy has me reeling in a whirlpool of sexual ecstasy. My pussy throbs with excitement with each thrust and I reply by licking harder, slurping as I guzzle down the sweet succulent juices from my best friends hot cunt.
“Oh yes Kev, she’s going to make me cum, oh yeah, I am gonna cum all over your wife’s face, watch me Kev, watch me…..YES!”
I feel her squeezing down on me, as I lap quicker and harder making her orgasm linger. Oh the feeling of that cunt squeezing my tongue, my face. Totally amazing.
“Yes, yes, yes.” I hear Kev’s excitement and lust come to a head, then I feel it as he shoots his hot cum into my pussy. I hear the mingled cries of ecstasy and feel so good ,so sexual.I need to cum myself.
I feel Kev move then his hands push me down and turn me over. I look up and he grins down at me.
“Thank you,” he says, ” and now it’s your turn.”
Kate strides into view,
“Yes now its your turn, I want to taste this mans cum, and how better to sample it than straight from his wife’s fresh fucked pussy.”
She dives on the bed and soon her face is pressed hard up against my cunt, her tongue probing deep inside me, I can hear the appreciative mmmm’s as she laps up the salty cum of my sexy husband mixed with the sweet feminine taste of my juices. I feel like she’s sucking me dry, then her tongue moves and starts to flick at my clit.
I open my eyes and see Kev staring intently down on us, his cock starting to get harder, his hand gently stroking himself. As I watched his cock grows harder and harder. I begin to scream and moan as kates clit flicking intensifies even more.
“yes yes, lick that pussy, eat me, eat me, mmmmm.”
The sight of Kev’s lust laden eyes and the feeling of Kate’s expert tongue took me over the edge,
“yes , yes, yes!”
I scrunch close my eyes and surrender to the most powerful orgasm I have possibly ever felt.
Kate moves away from my cunt and moves up my body. Holding me close, she kisses me passionately on the lips, our juices mingling, the taste so sublime. We smile at each other then move up and pull Kev between us, kissing him in turn. kissing up and down his face and neck, his chest and torso, tickling his tummy, right down his legs to suck on his toes and back up the insides of his thighs.
“You enjoying this Honey?” I ask as he writhes around on the bed in front of us
“uh huh!” is all he can make escape from his mouth as Kate’s lips touch his balls and she starts to kiss and lick them all over. My mouth finds the tip of his hard cock and slowly I swallow it. slowly, slowly I move my lips and take him into my mouth. Loving the feel and taste of him, loving the moans of sheer delight I hear as I begin to move my mouth up and down, my tongue teasing at the vein along the underside of this throbbing hard, ready to explode cock.
I feel Kate’s lips as they move up from the base of this cock and reluctantly I release it. so she can have her taste, I move down and gently kiss my husbands full and straining balls, running my hands down his thighs, making his legs buck and shiver. We take it in turns sucking and I can hear my usually quiet lover getting more and more vocal till he shouts,
“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”
We move our mouths away and watch as a shot of cum squirts out to land on my face. Kate pushes me away and the next blast hits her. The sticky, smooth substance rolls down our cheeks onto our lips. we eagerly kiss it off each other tasting this sweet elixir, before each giving Kev a big Happy Birthday kiss.
“Happy Birthday, my love. I hope you’ve enjoyed your present.” I whisper in the ear of my now softly sleeping husband. Snuggled between the two of us he slumbers peacefully and we watch and wait for him to wake, we can’t wait for round two to commence!

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