She came home happy.

Tonight, she went out on a date with that guy I tried to set her up with over 1.5 years ago. She came home really happy and giddy. They didn’t do anything except meet, drink and talk, and give a hug and brief kiss before parting. She gave me all the details when she got home. She knows I get very excited when she talks about being sexy for other guys, and she said, “What kind of wife gets to date other guys, and come home to her husband who gives her a massage? Is this heaven?” [BTW, i have also started doing things I didn't do much of before around the house...which she loves] My wife was virgin when we married, from another culture. This new year she started going to the gym (she’s already in good shape–and a big muscular guy is already hitting on her), yesterday she got her nails done and a pedicure, and today got her hair done (her long black hair was given brown highlights).

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She also bought and wore tonight black leggings that looked great on her. This is all very amazing as she was (is?) super conservative. I think she’s hooked now! In the past few days she vacillated, saying she wasn’t going, then she’s going–but just to satisfy me and give this guy a nice sendoff. She tried to say she was doing this for me before she left, but I pulled her close and said, “you want to too.” She purred yes. Anyway, tonight she mentioned that next time they meet she might give him a blow job. (He texted her after their date and said he was looking forward to seeing her again and to “taste her.” I said that means he wants to eat your pussy. I said,” If you suck and he licks, with a slick cock and wet pussy you two will definitely fuck.” Her reply? I better take birth control! (She also used her eroscillator and had a big orgasm while I held her and talked about her new guy fucking her next time.) I continued to massage her, told her I loved her, and she went to sleep.
Can’t wait to see where it all goes
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  1. bait 31. Aug, 2010 at 12:20 am #

    she is fin,. her ass was made for my mouth anytime.

  2. Tony 14. Sep, 2010 at 6:59 pm #

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