wife went slutty, then cuckolded me

My wife sent this picture to me while I was away for a few days for work. I came home to her horny ass, and found she wanted to try a fantasy I had told her about one day during sex. She invited another guy over to fuck her while I fucked her. I didn’t know it was a black guy though. Long story short, her pussy was filled with his cum. She was on the pill at the time, but was also taking medicine for a cold. That apparently cancelled out the pill. She hovered over my face and made me lick her pussy, getting alot of his cum out of her. But not enough. Now she’s pregnant with what I’m pretty sure will be a little half-black baby. I know it will be embarrassing, but that night still turns meon when I think about it. This is the ass pic she sent me that started the whole horny ordeal.wife went slutty, then cuckolded me.

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  1. nathan 30. Sep, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    what an ass. have you watched her take black…i wish my gf would take it out of my hands a take a BBC then tell me about it

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